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REAPER supports all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.

REAPER supports Linux on Intel and ARM architectures, and the Windows version works well with WINE.

REAPER supports macOS versions from 10.5* to 11 (Big Sur).

Windows 64-bit
REAPER v6.26 - 13MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
Also available: Windows 32-bit - 14MB
Linux x86_64
REAPER v6.26 - 10MB
Linux x86-64/AMD64 64-bit
Also available:       Linux i686 - 10MB
macOS 64-bit
REAPER v6.26 - 19MB
macOS 10.5-10.14
Also available: macOS 32-bit - 18MB
macOS 10.15+
REAPER v6.26 - 15MB
macOS 10.15+ Catalina/Big Sur (Notarized)
Note: the macOS 10.15+ Catalina/Big Sur macOS download is notarized and uses the "hardened runtime," which may reduce compatibility with certain plug-ins. You may still run the regular 64-bit macOS download on Catalina and Big Sur; however, you must shift+right click and choose "Open" when running that version for the first time.
For maximum Intel plug-in compatibility, users with M1-powered Macs should use the Intel (10.15+) version rather than the native ARM64 beta version.
REAPER 6.26: I am declaring Martian Law!
Changelog items below may include links to more information.
Razor edit
  • action to crossfade items at time selection acts on razor edits if they exist
  • add action to move nearest razor edit edge to edit cursor
  • add mouse modifiers to remove area from razor edit selection
  • auto-scroll vertically when editing razor edit top/bottom edge
  • fix stretching automation items across tempo changes when razor edit area does not match automation item length
  • mouse modifer to split items at razor edit edges selects media items and removes the razor edit area
  • respect preference to update video playback position when editing audio items
  • update display after running action to enclose media items
  • add output polarity setting for Liteon/nonlinear
  • autoexpand soft knee fix from sstillwell
  • update 1175 compressor and various others to fix overcompression, add deprecated blown capacitor mode to preserve old behavior
  • add improved SRC gain correction mode for guitar/amp-model and guitar/amp-model-dual
Video processors
  • do not warn when loading empty video processor preset
  • fix preset name preservation behavior
  • make preset list consistent with other FX types (user presets first)
  • support preset navigation API
  • actions glue within razor edit areas if they exist
  • default glue action splits items and glues only within time selection, if all selected items intersect the time selection
  • former default glue action is renamed "expanding to time selection if any", custom actions and scripts that use it are unaffected
  • add NSMicrophoneUsageDescription to improve audio input support on Big Sur
  • main window fullscreen button activates REAPER-native fullscreen rather than OS fullscreen
  • workaround Big Sur MIDISend() bug where 250 or more events at the same timestamp crashes
Media items
  • adjust snap offset when copying selected part of media item
  • preserve relative snap offset when copying media items
  • support displaying multiple iXML or xmp metadata keys in media source properties dialog
  • support embedding images when rendering FLAC files
  • suppress unnecessary prompt on importing MIDI files
  • fix issues when launching rename note action via enter key
  • improve MIDI editor focus behavior when closing various text editing fields
  • improve bridged plug-in floating window behavior on macOS
  • improve floating window behavior of bridged VST plug-ins
  • action to insert or extend MIDI item does not skip existing looped MIDI items
  • prevent possible overdraw with selected track cursor bracket and blinking cursor
  • use prvhash for rng/tpdf generation (courtesy Aleksey Vaneev)
Edit cursor
  • display slightly subtler bracket on last selected track
  • fix editing automation item edge point using envelope point editor dialog
Mute automation
  • fix potential hang with empty automation item
  • update Track_GetPeakInfo()/Track_GetPeakHoldDB() to support master track RMS, update documentation
  • update track channels only when increasing plugin speaker count, not when changing plugin input channel count or decreasing speaker count
  • add new SRC-normalization mode which should be more consistent for some impulses and samplerate combinations
Region/Marker Manager
  • support exporting take markers, but not importing
Render dialog
  • add support for rendering razor edit areas
  • add ResolveRenderPattern, to resolve a wildcard pattern into a list of target filenames

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