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Programmable [OSC|MIDI]<-->[OSC|MIDI] conversion, for nerds

OSCII-bot is a programmable tool for converting OSC to MIDI, MIDI to OSC, MIDI to MIDI, or OSC to OSC, or any combination thereof.

Scripts are written as plain text files, and can be recompiled on the fly to make development easy. Multiple scripts can be loaded at once, and any number of MIDI hardware devices, OSC destinations, or OSC sources can be used.

OSCII-bot is GPL free software, each download package includes the source.

Features and options:
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OSCII-bot v0.6 for Windows XP-Windows 10 (11/20/17) (282KB ZIP)
OSCII-bot v0.6 for macOS 10.5-10.13 (Intel only) (11/20/17) (1MB ZIP)

Source code

git clone

Official GitHub mirror:

Send GPL patches to

Past versions

OSCII-bot v0.5 for Windows and OS X (11/13/17) (1.4MB ZIP)

OSCII-bot v0.4 for Windows and OS X (11/12/17) (1.4MB ZIP)

OSCII-bot v0.3 for Windows and OS X (04/22/14) (1MB ZIP)

OSCII-bot v0.2 for Windows and OS X (12/16/13) (527kb ZIP)

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