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A dynamic text mode live FX processor

JSFX in Hardware
In 2004, before we started developing REAPER, we created software designed for creating and modifying FX live, primarily for use with guitar processing. The plan was that it could run on a minimal Linux distribution on dedicated hardware, for stage use. We built a couple of prototypes:


These hand-built protoypes used mini-ITX mainboards with either Via or Intel P-M CPUs, cheap consumer USB audio devices, and Atmel AVR microcontrollers via RS-232 for the footboard controls. The cost for the parts used was around $600 each. Pictures from development and construction:

In the end, however, we concluded that we preferred to be in the software business, not the hardware business, and our research into adding multi-track capabilities in JSFX led us to develop REAPER. Since then, REAPER has integrated much of JSFX's functionality, and improved on it.

JSFX in Software
The most modern way to use JSFX is currently to use REAPER.

If you are interested in the JSFX standalone software, it is still available here:
Additional notes on JSFX JSFX Discussion
If you wish to discuss all things JSFX, see the REAPER/JS Forum.

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