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an auto saving sniffer for windows and linux

asniffer can monitor (using winpcap or pcap) a network, and for every HTTP transfer it sees, save a copy of the transferred data.

This is less for sinister uses, and more for taking advantage of the already-transferred data that your computer may be exposed to.

Windows users should first download and install winpcap.
Linux users should install libpcap, and tools to enable compiling.

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asniffer is GPL licensed. Send improvements to

Current Version:
  asniffer 0.2 (10/29/06) (ZIP)
    -Merged patches from Julien Bernard:
      -Option to read pcap files directly instead of listening from a network interface
      -Option to create subdirectories by client IP addresses
      -Option to specify a pcap filter
      -Option to specify a MIME type filter
   -Added cookie support (-cookie option)
   -Fix for filepaths >256 chars on Windows

Old Versions:
  asniffer 0.1 alpha (8/20/04) (ZIP)
    - Initial release

Once unzipped, run the asniffer executable for command line options. (For linux, first go to the source/asniffer directory and type 'make')

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